Having a coffee station in the office is an added bonus that almost all employees will find convenient. Hollington Vend manages all the needs of your break room. This includes routine maintenance, cleaning, restocking supplies and introducing you to new products. By offering a wide array of coffee items to your employees, you can help ensure that their needs are met, which assists in promoting a productive and happy work environment.

Office Coffee Equipment

We offer a variety of coffee equipment to suit varying clients’ needs. We cannot provide you the best service without the quality equipment, such as:

    • Brewers

      We provide the best coffee delivery systems to ensure easy use, cost effectiveness and reliability. This includes traditional brewing systems and specialty coffee drink systems.


    • Single Cup

      Single Cup brewers offer the greatest variety with no product waste. These systems are the best option because they allow each person to choose their own size and flavor from coffee, tea and other hot beverages.

No matter the size, layout or amenities of your current break room, our coffee makers can take it to the next level. Ensure that your employees always have consistent, delicious coffee at their fingertips by partnering with Hollington Vend for all your coffee service needs.