At Hollington Vend we understand that each client is unique. We consistently offer new products for the health and nutrition of your employees. While some clients prefer traditional snacks, others encourage healthy snacks and drinks. Our wide array of options gives you and your staff the freedom to choose the healthiest option. Making smart-snacking choices is a great way to curb the increasing obesity rates among students and adults alike. Hollington Vend prides itself in being the leading vendor in the southeast Georgia area in developing health and wellness solutions through a variety of healthy snack and beverage options.

Fresh Healthy Vending Options

Our goal is to work with schools, businesses, and the tourism industry to develop programs to meet wellness goals while still meeting the desires and demands of employees, customers and students. We will work with you to come up with a customized solution for your vending needs. By providing your people with both traditional and healthy vending options, you are putting the health and well-being of your people first. At Hollington Vend, we are happy to help support you with this! By stocking your vending machines with nutritious, low fat and nonfat items you add to the healthy environment that your office needs to be productive. Ensure the best quality work from your people by providing the healthy options they need. Call our technicians today to schedule an appointment, and get on your way toward a custom vending solution.